Course Curriculum

Qualification Number: 603/5589/X

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    Theory of Youth Work (TYW)

    • Unit Criteria: Theory of Youth Work (TYW)

    • Introduction to the Theory of Youth work

    • TWY1: The Purpose, Principles & Role of Youth Work-Introduction

    • Submit TYW1 Worksheet

    • TWY 2-3: The Purpose, Principles & Role of Youth Work-Worksheets

    • Submit TYW2 Worksheet

    • Submit TYW3 Worksheet Part 3.1

    • TYW 4: Sectors, Structures and Models of Youth Work Delivery

    • Submit TYW4 Worksheet

    • TYW 5: Skills, Knowledge, Qualities and Values of a Practicing Youth Worker

    • Submit TYW5 Worksheet

    • TYW 6: Your Skills, Knowledge and Values as a Youth Worker

    • Breaking Stereotypes: 'Pass it On' Film

    • Submit TYW6 Worksheet