Course Curriculum

Qualification Number: 603/5589/X

  • 1

    Safeguarding in a Youth Work Setting (SYW)

    • Unit Criteria-Safeguarding in a Youth Work Setting (SYW)

    • Introduction to Safeguarding in a Youth Work Setting

    • SYW 1.1: Defining the terms “child protection” and “safeguarding”.

    • SYW 1.2: Safeguarding legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures relevant to your own organisation.

    • SYW 1.3-1.4: Your organisation’s child protection policies and procedures and how your organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures influence your practice.

    • SYW 1.5: The boundaries of confidentiality when working with young people.

    • Submit Worksheet SYW1

    • SYW 2.1-2.2: Child protection and safeguarding support agencies and forms of abuse and their characteristics.

    • Know The Signs - Emma's Story - A Victim's Perspective of Child Sexual Exploitation

    • SYW 2.3: Forms of exploitation and their characteristics.

    • SYW 2.4-2.5: Your organisation’s safeguarding officer and policies and procedures for keeping staff and volunteers safe.

    • Submit Worksheet SYW2

    • SYW 3.1: Part 1-Health and safety risk assessment risk benefit processes used in a youth work setting, including assessing behaviour and needs of an individual young person or group of young people.

    • SYW 3.1: Part 2-Minimising Risks.

    • SYW 3.2: Part 1-Risk assessment in a youth work setting.

    • Submit Worksheet SYW3.1

    • SYW 3.2: Part 2-Developing a health and safety risk assessment risk benefit analysis of work areas including off-site visits.

    • SYW 4: Internet Safety

    • Submit Worksheet SYW4

    • Safeguarding Quiz

    • SYW 5.1-5.2: How youth work can protect and support young people and how the purposes and principles of youth work align with child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures.

    • SYW 5.3-5.4: Ways to support and empower young people to manage personal risk and challenges when implementing safeguarding procedures in a youth work setting.

    • Submit Worksheet SYW5