Course Curriculum

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    Unit 4: Engaging & Communicating with Young People (ECYP)

    • Unit Criteria-Engaging and Communicating with Young People (ECYP)

    • Introduction to Engaging & Communicating with Young People

    • ECYP 1 -1.1: The importance of building professional relationships with young people in youth work.

    • ECYP 1.2: How effective communication skills impact on building and maintaining professional relationships with young people.

    • ECYP 1.3: Different ways to engage with young people in order to establish a professional relationship.

    • Submit Worksheet ECYP1

    • ECYP 2: Understand the different ways of engaging with young people.

    • ECYP 2.1: Approaches for engaging young people and increasing their participation in youth work.

    • Submit Worksheet ECYP2

    • ECYP 3.1: Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of communication when working with young people.

    • ECYP 3.2: The challenges of using social media to engage with young people.

    • Social Media Advantages & Disadvantages- Interactive Activity

    • Submit Worksheet ECYP3

    • ECYP 4: Communicating with young people using effective listening skills.

    • Submit Worksheet ECYP4

    • ECYP 5: Supporting young people in engaging with the local community.

    • Submit Worksheet ECYP5

    • ECYP 6.1: Supporting young people to access impartial information and guidance.

    • ECYP 6: Non-advice giving case study

    • Submit Worksheet ECYP6